Fashion in the Forum: Week Eight

Bright, bold and beautiful

No matter how many deadlines you've got, or how many degrees below zero the weather is today, your outfit is the perfect opportunity to let your colours shine through.

So leave the trackies behind and bring your winter treasures out.

On that note, I present eight stunning students who shone through the blue this week:

Libby, Second Year, English Literature

Gilet? Utility Jacket? Waistcoat? We weren't really sure, but what's for certain is that she rocks it.

Super en-vogue, these sleeveless jackets are a bold choice, although somewhat tricky to coordinate.

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Libby shows us how it's done, pairing her suede vintage Ralph Lauren jacket, which she got for a bargain price of £5, with a milkmaid blouse. So simple, yet so effective.

And the cherry on top? The striking pop of red lipstick; Chili by MAC she tells me, and she swears by it.

Rosie, Third Year, Liberal Arts

With her dazzling smile and turquoise hues, Rosie is reminiscent of a hot summer's day.

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She breaks up the dull tones of winter with her Oliver Bonas jumper and bandana from Turkey; who ever said they're limited to warmer months?

Effortlessly chic, her look is completed with this divine coat – only £15 from a Sue Ryder charity shop.

Holly, First Year, History

Now this is what we like to see. Red snakeskin trousers to campus – why the hell not?

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Our historian of the week pairs trousers from Ragged Priest with a vintage Versace jacket from the kilo sale. She completes her look with chunky gold chains for a fiercely cool ensemble.

Ben, First Year, Drama

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Ben describes his style as a "vision" of his Dad, who wore the jacket and Converse when he was a student at Exeter.

Scarves are his staple piece, he tells me, and this Paul Smith number is exactly the splash of colour we love to see.

Claire, Second Year, Law

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Another queen of coordination, Claire beams in shades of blue.

Her suede jacket was only £2 from a charity shop in Leeds and the earrings from a boutique in America.

P.S. You can't see, but her nails are blue too

Kingsley, Second Year, Politics and International Relations

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Kingsley continues this week's theme of thrifting from head to toe. His contrast leather jacket is second-hand, as are his camel boots all the way from South Africa.

Don't you love the coordination of his jacket collar and boots?

Leah, First Year, English Literature

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Leah is undeniably eye-catching in this daring ensemble.

From her great granny's leopard print jacket, to the Doc Martens she's kept pristine for 10 years, this gal knows how to pull off a statement.

Yes to the double print!

Olivia, Second Year, English Literature

Image may contain: Overcoat, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Sleeve, Pants, Coat, Person, Human, Footwear, Shoe, Clothing, Apparel

Olivia epitomises effortless chic.

She pairs pastel linen trousers from Portobello market with a khaki coat from Zara, reminding us that comfy can also be cool.

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