Exeter’s best pumpkins this Halloween

These are spooktacular

We're not ready to let go of spooky season just yet.

Forget dressing up or trick-or-treating, we all know the best part of Halloween is pumpkin carving.

Not only is it a great way to procrastinate essays and revision, it's also a seriously underrated skill. Which is why we've decided to showcase some of your best work and give you the recognition you deserve.

Check out Exeter's best pumpkins!

James and Harry, Fourth Year and Fifth Year, Business and Law

Image may contain: Chair, Furniture, Squash, Produce, Pumpkin, Food, Vegetable, Plant

Bonus points for the addition of carrots as horns. Very original

Image may contain: Squash, Ceiling Fan, Appliance, Produce, Lamp, Candle, Halloween, Pumpkin, Vegetable, Food, Plant

Libby, Second Year, Geography

Image may contain: Pumpkin, Vegetable, Food, Produce, Human, Person, Plant

Because there's nothing scarier than our current political climate

Georgie, Zoe and Lissy, Second Year, Sociology and Criminology, Geography and Business

Image may contain: Squash, Produce, Halloween, Vegetable, Food, Pumpkin, Plant

These really raise the star

Anna and Sophie, Third Year, Psychology and English

Image may contain: Fruit, Apple, Squash, Produce, Pumpkin, Vegetable, Food, Plant

That Mona Lisa could give Leonardo da Vinci a run for his money!

Kiyani, Laura, Talka, Ayra, Izzy and Emma, Second Year, Economics, Spanish and Chinese, Law, Management and Marketing, Physics, and Sports Science

Image may contain: Candle, Halloween, Plant, Food, Pumpkin, Vegetable

The varying levels of teeth give these pumpkins a lot of character

Charlotte, Third Year, Biology

Image may contain: Squash, Female, Pumpkin, Clothing, Apparel, Vegetable, Food, Produce, Costume, Plant, Person, Human

The perfect accessory for any outfit

E-J, Jack, Evie and Anna, Third Year, English, Biology, and Medicine

Image may contain: Candle, Vegetable, Pumpkin, Food, Plant

From amateur to expert, these pumpkins cover all levels of skill.

Emma, Second Year, English

Image may contain: Egg, Produce, Squash, Person, Human, Vegetable, Food, Pumpkin, Plant

You really can't go wrong with a classic Jack Skellington

Abi, First Year, French and German

Image may contain: Pumpkin, Vegetable, Food, Halloween, Candle, Plant, Lamp


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