Fire Brigade called to Point Exe after fresher sets fire to kitchen

She was trying to cook a steak

The fire brigade were called to Point Exe late Monday evening after a fresher set fire to her kitchen whilst cooking.

The first year Maths student was cooking a steak on the hob at her flat in Point Exe Block A when the oil in her frying pan caught fire, going up in flames and setting off the fire alarm.

She told The Exeter Tab: "Basically I was going to cook a steak so put some oil in a pan on high heat, I was about to put the steak in and the whole thing went up in flames so we were just screaming"

She added: "We didn't even see the fire blanket so one of my flatmates threw a tea towel on it, we thought we'd put it out and then it got bigger and we ran out the flat without our keys because the smoke was getting bad, then I rung 999"

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A photo posted on confession page Exehonestly shows two fire engines parked outside Point Exe and at least six firefighters attending the scene.

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The post attracted a lot of attention, with many questioning why the students chose to film the fire, rather than putting it out.

One student said: "Says a lot about the modern world that you chose to take a picture of the fire rather than to prioritise putting it out."

Another added: "My first instinct would be to put the fire out rather than do a photo shoot, but that's just me."