Some total legend was doing sick drifts in a car park near Howell Road last night

Fast and Furious style

A car was filmed doing sick drifts in a car park off Howell Road last night in front of a large group of spectators.

The video, captured from an overlooking bridge, appears to show one car drifting on the mostly empty car park, whilst a number of other vehicles watch on from behind.

The black BMW bottles the first drift, but the legend then spins the car round for a second time, completing two near-perfect donuts for a small crowd waiting in their own vehicles.

Check out the full video on The Exeter Tab's Instagram story.

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A man approaches the drifting car at one point, coming dangerously close to being run over.

The second year Exeter student who recorded the footage was drawn to the side of the road by the sound of heavy engine revving.

He said: "I thought it must have been a motorbike".

"I was a bit tipsy as I went over and I saw this car just spraying water all over the place and doing these massive drifts.

"It looked a bit ropey at one point because one guy got really close to the back of the car mid-drift, but it was fairly under control."

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