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Hundreds gather outside Forum protesting against situation in Hong Kong

Protestors and counter-protestors were out in force


Protesters gathered outside The Forum on Streatham Campus to raise awareness about the unrest in Hong Kong.

An 18-year-old pro-democracy protestor was shot in Hong Kong today, hours after a military parade celebrating 70 years of Communist Party Rule in Beijing. Student protestors at Exeter conducted a peaceful protest to bring attention to incidents like this which are part of the on-going situation in Hong Kong.

Protestors held signs reading "Free Hong Kong" and "Fight for Freedom," demonstrating their opposition to the Chinese government's regime.

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Image via: Ben David Godson

A number of students had also posted on social media, saying the protest was taking place in order to open a "proper dialogue and allow those at this university to have a better understanding of what is going on in Hong Kong."

Also present were a group of counter-protestors, whom would heckle the protestors with their own chants from the stairs leading up to the INTO Centre. With the tension between the two opposing sides very evident, the university ensured that there was a large security presence at the protest.

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Image via: Ben David Godson

Criticism of the protest was posted online with one student discouraging people from protesting, writing "you are not supposed to be nationalist or populist pioneers."

However, the protest remained peaceful and attracted a large crowd comprised of students and university staff alike, successfully bringing attention to the on-going situation in Hong Kong.

Featured image via: Ben David Godson