The Impy is getting birds of prey to help combat the rabid seagull problem

They’ve been terrorising customers

The Impy has taken drastic action to stop seagulls terrorising customers.

After months of the brazen birds wreaking havoc in the pub's garden, their management have gained approval for a Bird of Prey bird deterrent programme to be carried out to stop the gulls swooping down and stealing people's meals.

The Bird of Prey deterrent scheme will use trained natural predators to scare the seagulls away from the area.

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Seagulls have been a long-standing problem at the Impy, with the birds regularly snatching food, leaving staff to clean up the mess and offer customers replacement meals.

Staff are often seen seen shooing the scavenging birds away and dealing with the aftermath of broken plates and glasses after the gulls have attacked.

Just last weekend seagulls were filmed stealing two meals from separate tables in less than an hour.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons said: "We can confirm that a large number of gulls, at The Imperial, is causing disruption for customers and staff in the pub gardens."

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The gulls have been filmed stealing food from people's plates

He added: "Unfortunately, due to the size of the gardens, netting would be an impractical solution, because of the wide open space.

"Other options have been researched and a natural bird deterrent option has been agreed.

"Management at the pub have just gained approval for a Bird of Prey bird deterrent programme, to be carried out in the garden, as soon as possible."

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Seagulls regularly swoop down and attack customers

This comes after a four year old Chiahuahua was snatched from it's garden in Paignton by a seagull earlier this month.

Seagulls have long been the bane of Exeter students. The birds are known to regularly attack students outside The Forum, taking food straight from their hands.

One Exehonestly post says: "A warning for all leaving their houses today: the seagulls are out and more menacing than ever. They are merciless. Stay safe Exeter."

Whilst another suggested creating "A Seagull Extermination Society".

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