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Just when you thought we couldn't find any more big names to compete in 2019's BNOC of the year…Take a look at some of Exeter's finest below and get voting for your favourites!

Joe Jenkins, Film, first year

Image may contain: Door, Woman, Skirt, Female, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing

“Don't forget the three Cs; cigs, crabs and college”

Jacob Coad, Economics and Politics, first year

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"I came. I saw. I chundered.”

Ben Evans, Maths, second year

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“I’m a valleys boy. Ask someone who welsh Ben is; they will know.”

Henry Bunclark, Sports Science, first year

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“Never give up, the best is always round the corner.”

Alex Shadbolt, Liberal Arts, first year

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“A picture speaks 1000 words, and among those associated with the above image would definitely be piffy, epic and don.”

Skye Smith, Archaelogy, second year

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“My career is in ruins, but it seems my social life isn’t!”

Anna Dempsey, Biological Sciences, first year

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“I always take things too far and end up looking like a twat.”

Emily Crozier, Art History and Visual Culture, fourth year

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“What can I say? I bleed green.”