Vote for Exeter’s BNOC 2019: Round Eight

Who will be crowned winner?

Check out the final candidates for Exeter's BNOC of the year in all their glory below. Make sure you've voted for your favourite in every round and see who makes it to the semi-final!

Daniel Williams, English, second year

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“What rhymes with BNoC? Big cock. And I’m really modest.”

Alena Kutuzova, Psychology, first year

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“I’d say I’m a conceited twat from Surrey, but that would be a lie. I am in fact a conceited twat from Dubai xoxo"

Leah Frape, English and Drama, first year

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“Less of a BNOC, more of a BCOC. Really think this is all one big cock up, but as a nuts drama student this is the only real award I can hope to win. Cheers for the nom, will devote my biggest dick energy to the role.”

Steven Mounouchos, Law, second year

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“This picture sums me up. Don’t vote for me, vote to see what happened.”

Pip Uden, English and Drama, second year

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“My finest moments are: Being late to seminars to have a catch-up, preventing a friend from dropping out by helping to solve a flat conflict and wing-womaning what became a long-term relationship, achieving ‘Girl-in-Red’ meme status after featuring on a stranger’s Instagram page, Having more international student friends than UK friends.”

Will Klintworth, History, second year

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“I have slightly mixed feelings about being nominated for this ‘Big Numpty on Campus’ thing, but would urge all my friends to vote for me nonetheless.”

Evita Deible, Law, third year

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“Don’t confuse my friendly charm with me flirting with you”