Vote for Exeter’s BNOC 2019: Round four

Get voting for your favourite!

The competition is heating up. 10 more of Exeter's famous faces have made the cut, but who will be crowned the true BNOC of 2019? Check out Exeter's elite and what they have to say for themselves below!

Maxim Asher, French and Spanish, second year

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"Winning Exeter’s BNOC of the year award would look good on my mantelpiece – up there with ‘Most Morrisons Points’, ‘cleanest student house’ and ‘Best Lemmy attendance’.”

Harry Smith, PPE, third year

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“Boning all day every day, it’s actually difficult NOT to become a BNOC. It’s just an inextricable part of the rock n roll lifestyle of being a trombonist.”

Theo Barker, Geography, 2nd year

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“I did more than just a gap year, I found myself.”

Angelica Bowden-Jones, English, first year

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“The abuse I’ve been given for this nomination is nothing compared to the abuse I get for my initials (thanks mum and dad). Will scooter round campus naked if I win.”

Matthew Tinker, Geography, first year

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“You may or may not have met the Tinkerman but you should vote for me to win Exeter’s BNOC of the year as I sum up what it is to be an Exeter student – I’m always up for a good laugh, I’m the Impy’s number 1 customer and you can always catch me yeeting the night away at Unit 1!”

Dion Davis, Law, third year

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“Has anyone seen my [phone/wallet/keys]? I think I should win to piss off whatever friend nominated me as a joke.”

Ben Edis, Sports Science, fourth year

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“I’m treating this like my degree, putting in minimal effort and hoping for the best. I feel mother would be more proud of this over my other accolades. I'm the one on the floor.”

Jess Thomas, Sports Science, second year

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"The best quote to summarise me would be ‘Jess The Stress’, constantly checking the rest of the team’s kit bags for having everything they might need. As well as being a classic Mother on a night out and always ending up looking after someone.”

Iris Leschirnig-Reichel, Law, second year

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“I am Iris – the self-declared queen of campus. Do I qualify as a BNOC? My Instagram followers, taxi drivers (who know me by name) and attendees of my house parties would agree and just admit it, so would you. Why are you so obsessed with me?”

Roko-Pio Tuima, Medical Sciences, third year

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“Clothes, where are they pls?! My rugby coach – Doc. Lambert – always said ‘Winning is Fun!’”