Vote for Exeter’s BNOC 2019: Round two

You know what to do

You voted for your favourite in Round one, now we're back again with even more of Exeter's notorious BNOCs. Take a look at who made the cut below, and get voting!

Jude Afieh, Medicine, third year

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“Great things are said about me, some may think that I can’t live up to my reputation, but I always do.”

James Murphy, English, third year

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“I’d like to say people know me from my tireless charity work or the endless amounts of student theatre, but they probably know me better as that guy who didn’t miss a cheesier for over a yer running, and I’m not sure how I feel about that legacy.”

Hugo Wickham, Computer Science, third year

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“80% of what he says is utter shite but you live for the 20%. Always wanted to peak at university.”

Alexander Wheeler, Strategy and Politics, third year

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"The best Norwegian catch since smoked salmon”

Robin Mills, History, third year

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“I’m HPP athlete, I always finish first, I am BNOC. I love Kopperberg Strawberry, big batty gals and the friend zone. I was breastfed from my mother BNockers until I was 12, therefore destined to win.”

Phoebe Merrell, Law, second year

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“Sorry, I was having a nap x. I should win because I bought shots in TP for all the girls that my ex cheated on me with (if he fucked you over too, hmu I’ll buy you a drink), spread love.”

Ed Clench, Business, first year

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"Oh my gosh this is stunning"

Chris Coveney, Business and Management, first year

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“That ginger one who plays drums”