BorrowMyDoggy: how a dog can significantly improve your student life

The ideal method of procrastination

A new and incredibly wholesome craze has taken the Exeter student population by storm, and unlike our love of flares and curly fries, this trend actually will improve your happiness levels and overall quality of life.

We can all agree that leaving behind our precious dogs is perhaps the most traumatic thing about going to uni. This affliction clearly affects many of us – just wait until a dog is spotted on campus and then watch it being followed by a swarm of students with their phones out ready for a photo opp. Uni is hard, and stressful, and sometimes you really just need to cuddle a dog.

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A prime exhibit of a student overcome with emotion after seeing a dog

This is where BorrowMyDoggy comes in. The app, which you can download and subscribe to for the absolute bargain price of £12.99 for a year, has been described by one of my friends as 'tinder for dogs'.

Owners looking for help with dog walking or dog sitting post a profile of their pet, which you can browse, and then you can message the owner saying you would like to look after their very cute dog. Voila!

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Friendship goals

Paying for Premium Membership (£12.99 a year) is essential so you can be verified for safety, message owners, and be covered by insurance. There's even direct access to an emergency vet, so even the most incapable among us will be able to manage.

Look at that face!

Looking after a dog isn't only an instant source of joy, but it also works as a very legitimate excuse to ignore all of your deadlines and get out of the library.

Exmouth, a prime dog walking / Instagram worthy spot, is only a half hour drive away. Or if you want to stay closer to home, the fields behind Lafrowda or even a trip down to the dog-friendly pub Double Locks make for an ideal location for some quality dog time.

So ultimately: BorrowMyDoggy, thank you for existing.