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‘Send the refugees back in their dinghies’: Everything Katie Hopkins said at Debate Soc

From the protestors and the heckles to the applause and cheers

At 7pm on Friday the University of Exeter Debating Society hosted a debate on the motion: "THW: Prioritise its own citizens." Aiding Ronan Canham in defending the motion was none other than Exeter alumna, Katie Hopkins. Footage of the debate is saved as a highlight on The Exeter Tab Instagram story.

Before the debate had even begun, the drama surrounding the event was at its peak. Protestors were everywhere. Not only students, but locals and even the Exeter Anarchist Party had come to show their disgust at the University for hosting Hopkins.

Attendees were handed flyers as they tried to figure out a way to get through the blockade of protestors. Security eventually opened the doors and they all flooded in. The event was sold out and those without a ticket were turned away. Amory Moot was packed to the brim.

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Flyers the protestors were handing out

As things got going, there were a few heckles from the audience as Katie started being vocal about her upset at having been asked to sign a Speaker Declaration. The declaration primarily asked those participating in the debate to refrain from using language that would incite hatred towards certain groups.

When Katie asked the audience for their view on the matter, one audience member stated that it was "legal compliance" for Katie to sign whilst another shouted: "You can't afford a pen" – a possible reference to Hopkins' bankruptcy issues.

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The declaration that Hopkins did not wish to sign

The drama did not end there however, as the student who told Katie Hopkins that she was legally obliged to sign the document got up and left when Hopkins asked anyone who would be offended by what she had to say to leave.

In true Katie Hopkins fashion, there was more to come. A new student walked in to fill the empty seat and Hopkins remarked that the new audience member was "much better looking" than the one before her. Yikes.

As the debate continued there came a large number of boos when Katie seemed to mock the French accent of Jean Treves of the opposition.

Hopkins also sparked an outburst from the audience when asked if she believed in climate change as she responded that she did not. She said: "I have no sympathy whatsoever for refugees," adding: "Send them all back in their dinghies".

Although Hopkins sparked a few outbursts from the audience, she was mainly met with applause. The motion she was defending ended up victorious.

After the event, students queued up to take photos with Hopkins, and some stayed to have one-on-one chats. Flyers for far right group, For Britain, were being handed out by students.

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For Britain flyers handed out by students at the event

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