Fashion in the Forum: XCFS Day

We’re all models here

For this week's edition of Fashion in the Forum (which, I am sure, you have been awaiting for with bated breath) we have caught the most sartorially aware students strutting their stuff around the Forum, rather than on the catwalk.

Ophelia, Second Year, Business and Management

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Ophelia, is positively radiant in a pink and green ensemble. Her checked trosuers are from ASOS and her pink scarf is from Medive Venziain in Milan.

Scarlett, First Year, Law

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Scarlett is this week's Zara devotee in a fluffy green jumper and leopard print jeans (both Zara).

Ed, Second Year, Theology and Religion

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The first boy to feature this term – hurrah! Ed's round glasses are Barber, and wears a Calvin Klein Jeans sweater, ASOS jeans and Veja trainers. The full hoard is listed so y'all can take notes.

Gigi, Third Year, Law

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Third year Gigi has dressed ready to roll out of uni and straight into the Lawyer's firm in her black Jaeger coat. Her red trousers are from Topshop.

Jason, Third Year, International Relations

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Have we decided if AirPods are fashionable yet? Either way, Jason proudly rocks his in a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt and Oliver People's glasses.

Nadine, Third Year, Flexible Combined Honours

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You can tell that Nadine is walking in tonight's fashion show with her power smize and outfit. Her white coat is from Mango and her trousers are I am Gia (she warns of the monsterous import fees).

Orla, Third Year, Law

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Are Lawyers becoming the new Art Historians?! Orla, the third law student featured of the day, pairs her yak tee with some classic black high top Converse.

Chloe, Third Year, English and History of Art & Visual Culture

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Chloe shows us that white trousers and a chunky jumper are a dream pairing; her jeans are Zara.

Tish, Fourth Year, History and French

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Tish keeps it classic with a black and white ensemble. Her Zebra print dress is Stradavarius and her contrast stitch denim jaket is ASOS.

Emily, Third Year, Art History and Visual Culture

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Finishing off the round up with Art Historian (classic) Emily in some ASOS dunagarees (also classic). Her beaut green floral blouse is Michael Kors and her alice band is a gem from Amazon.

Exeter University Charity Fashion Show will be held this evening, 25th February, in the Great Hall.