I spent a Saturday night at the Lemmy to see if it lived up to the hype

LOST at the Lemmy? More like found

After much coercion, my housemates managed to drag me to the Lemmy last Saturday. Fuelled with visions of a £5 entry fee, freshers aggressively kissing, sticky floors and truly horrible music, my expectations were set exceptionally low.

I asked my housemate: "What if we see people we know? What will they think of us?". To which she wisely responded: "Then they will be in the Lemmy too." Nevertheless, I still felt ashamed.

Approaching the bar, I saw the first positive of "LOST at the Lemmy". Three jagerbombs for £5. Being so familiar with the four for £10 deal at old timers, this offer almost felt like a trap. But no, jagerbombs downed, I began to see the Lemmy with fresh eyes.

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3 Jager Bombs for £5? What is this sorcery

The second surprise of the Lemmy was the mechanical bull. If you have never seen your drunk friend be thrown off a moving object at high speed, then this is reason alone to venture onto campus on a Saturday night.

After scoping out the bar and the bronco room, we ventured into the main room. With a big stage, smoke machines, atmospheric lighting and an excellent DJ (featuring the sax man) I finally had to admit that I may have a good night in store.

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Good music, at The Lemmy, on a saturday?

The only downside to "LOST at the Lemmy" was that the club didn’t feel full. However, gone were the days of girls in crop tops sipping on VKS belting out angels. Those who were there were a new breed of Lemmy goer. Sophisticated in the art of clubbing, fun to be around and not hideous to observe.

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No VK sipping here

I couldn’t help but enjoy myself, and my housemates even stayed until lights up. The short walk home, just an added bonus.

At only £3 a ticket, available online, you no longer have to worry about carrying change on your night out. Making the Lemmy cheaper and easier than ever before, what have you got to lose?

Photo credits to Lap-Yin Brooks