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Rowe House evacuated after fresher receives ‘suspicious package’

15 emergency service vehicles arrived at the scene

At 8:30 this morning, Police were called after a student in Rowe House (Block W) received an unexpected package containing an unknown liquid.

According to DevonLive, sources claim part of Rowe House was evacuated over fears that the liquid could be dangerous. The student had not been expecting the liquid, which came in a bottle and had been sent from outside the UK.

Kirsten, a resident of a neighbouring block, told The Exeter Tab: "We were told that if we left our rooms we would not be able to return to them".

The emergency services quickly responded and 15 vehicles arrived at the scene, including Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

The fire department tested the liquid on site and confirmed that it was safe and posed no threat to the public.

Speaking to DevonLive, a police spokesperson said: “A student received an unexpected package this morning and called the emergency services as a precaution. The contents of the package were tested on site and found to be absolutely safe.

"Enquiries continue and there is currently no wider threat to the public at this time".