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The Tab Exeter needs new writers: Come join us!

We need someone to run the gram too

The Exeter Tab's reputation precedes it – last year, we broke the story of the Bracton Law Society's racist group chat. That story was then picked up by the BBC, The Guardian, and The Sun.

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Last year's exclusive made it into national papers

The Tab is run by students who like being first, and who bring you the stories you actually give a fuck about, whether they're stories of legends being legends on a night out, bizarre dissertation choices, or some classic fashion in the forum.

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All the biggest stories on campus – written by students

If you're considering a career in journalism, The Tab is easily the best way to get started. With The Exeter Tab, your articles will reach audiences of thousands of students. Our office in London is here to advise you and your team with training that will look great on a CV – former Tab writers have gone on to write for Vice, Vogue, and The Washington Post.

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We bring you the stories you care about

We're also looking for a social media editor to run our Instagram account. Instagram is fast outpacing Facebook as a means of reaching young audiences. If you want the chance to run an account with thousands of followers, The Exeter Tab could be the place to start. If you bleed dank Exeter memes from every pore, you could be just what we need.

Come to our open meeting: Thursday 7:30pm at the Vic and we'll get you started on an article as soon as possible. If you've got your own ideas – fab. If you don't, we've got a huge list of stuff to get you started. Our DMs are always open if you have any questions.

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Luke's story was read by over 15,000 people

We can't wait to hear from you!