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7 strange things that will inevitably happen when you become a second year

Take me back to freshers


Going to uni is a huge step: moving away from friends and family, away from home, landing in student accommodation with sometimes hundreds of strangers in exactly the same position as you. This is a big transition; but we’re all familiar with these clichés.

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Silly fresh

What no one ever really talks about is what happens when you leave the fresher’s bubble. Once you know you’ve successfully made it to second year, what happens then? There’s not really any hype about this phase, so here are some slight oddities I’ve found going into my second year.

1. You'll get more involved with Freshers' Week than you should

Fresher’s week appears out of nowhere. Fresher's week in second year will undoubtedly be the best of your time at uni. You now know where's best to go on what day of the week and you will laugh at all the silly freshers running around the city centre looking for TP on a Monday night.

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Freshers' week is 10 times better the second time around

2. You will crack under the pressure of being responsible for a house

One thing everyone has (hopefully) sorted out before going into second year is where they're living next year. In Exeter, this seems to happen earlier than other unis. Around October time everyone scrambles to find a place for next year, so let's hope you’ve made a few fast friends after fresher’s week! However, word of advice, don't rush blindly into this decision – it could backfire.

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Working hard or hardly working?

For a lucky few, the haze of ignorance remains intact if you sign for a bills-inclusive property. However, for the unlucky stragglers whose bills are not included, a never-before-seen new sense of frugalness appears. There is a constant voice shouting “turn off that light” or worrying about the length of showers in an ever-lasting bid to save those extra pennies.

3. Deciding who gets which room will cause mad aggro

Bills are only the first hurdle you will encounter when moving into a student house. After the initial relief of finding somewhere to live (most likely following many teary and stressed nights thinking you won’t) you now have to decide who will have which room. Let's be honest, everyone has a secret favourite room but this will undoubtedly lead to heartbreak, as someone always has to end up with the box room. Prepare yourself for the saltiest of arguments.

4. You'll come closer to blowing up the kitchen than you'd like to admit

When September finally rolls around and its time to move in you'll realise what student living actually means. Isn't microwave a kitchen essential? Or a kettle? There appears to have been some sort of epidemic of students who have blown up their microwaves because they don't always come with a house. My advice? Check these things before you move in, otherwise be prepared for many a nasty surprise (including a very fast drainage of cash) when you arrive.

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Cooking up a storm

5. You'll get bored

You've now moved in; probably a week before fresher’s “to make the most of my rent”. Unlike fresher's week, the week before term starts is a strange period of limbo from when you move in and when things start to happen. This week usually involves watching a lot of TV as there isn't really much else to do, but at least you actually have a living room now.

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Remember when Love Island was on?

6. You'll wander into unchartered territory on the pilgrimage to the Impy

Another thing is the probable change of direction into town. This is deceivingly challenging. On the plus side, Unit 1 is most likely now dangerously close to where you live. Unfortunately, the beloved Impy, aka 3rd biggest Spoon’s in the country, is now too far away to just pop in for a quick pint (or pitcher). At least the distance will force you to visit your local haunts, like The Vic of The Blacky.

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An unfamiliar route into town

7. There's actual work to do

All of a sudden fresher's week is over and once the haze of hangovers and drunkenness has lifted you remember that second year actually counts now. Bet that reading you put off all summer doesn't look to bad now?