Revealed: Exeter Uni saved £600,000 during the UCU strikes

The university won’t be given all the money

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The University of Exeter saved around £600,000 when the UCU strike action was being carried out.

Despite this massive saving, not all of the money is available for the university to spend.

A Freedom of Information request by The Tab has revealed that the UCU industrial action at Exeter meant that over four weeks, savings of around £600,000 were collated, which are now set to be spent on other aspects of the university.

When we contacted the university asking how they were going to spend the saved money, they commented saying "not all money saved is available for the University to spend, for research funded positions, for example. The University cannot claim money it has not spent."

This means that despite the massive savings made as a result of the strikes, it doesn't necessarily mean that the university are going to be allowed to spend that money as they please.

The UCU occupation caused great uproar amongst the student community at Exeter, leading to protests where students were storming academic buildings.

Some students decided to occupy university buildings, with some even resorting to urinating in water bottles, allowing them to stand their ground and not have to leave the occupation.