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The moment you’ve been waiting for: Here are the best dressed at EGB 2018

Florals at EGB? Groundbreaking

It's no secret that EGB is potentially the most Exetah event of the year. With croquet, Pimm's on tap, a shisha pit and gourmet food trucks, how much more Exetah could it get?

We have trawled through the hundreds of photos from EGB to find the best dressed of 2018 so you can get your inspo for next year, or maybe find that guy or gal that you smooched in the dance tent. So scroll on down to see if in the cutthroat world of Exeter fashion whether you made the cut.

Loving the coordination

Flat shoes are every girls best friend

If you don't bring your own crackers to every event, is there any point even going?

Did they plan to wear each others outfits in reverse?

Chinos and boat shoes. Is there a more Exetah combination?

Think the guy on the left didn't get the floral memo

Tweed, chinos and boat shoes. The three staples of every Exeter guy's wardrobe

These gals are literally glowing

This level of coordination has to have been planned

And last, but by no means least, these two beauties:

It's called fashion Brenda. Look it up.