Exeter Uni tells students not to discuss racist hate speech on social media

Racist events are to be reported, instead

Following the recent Bracton Law Society WhatsApp group chat scandal, Exeter University Law students have been told not to report any racist incidents on social media in an email sent by the university.

Instead, students have been encouraged to tell the university directly.

In an email from the law department, students were told to contact a "Speak Out Guardian" who has "extensive experience in these matters."

Reported events – hate crime or otherwise – will be "taken seriously" by the university, according to the email.

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Sharing screenshots of the email on social media, students have expressed concerns that the university's request is simply a way to "cover up" the racist incidents.

One student posted the email on Twitter with the caption: "Email from law school at University of Exeter – please do report instances of racism, but don't put it on social media so we can cover it up instead."

The student's tweet has been liked over 40 times on Twitter and retweet 23 times.

The email comes just three days after group chats were revealed in which Exeter students made hateful slurs about race and rape.

Responding to the claims this week, the University of Exeter said:

"Following reports of allegations involving a small group of students, the University has launched a major investigation, in conjunction with the Students’ Guild, and suspended the students while this takes place. The police have also been informed."

The five students have since been suspended from the university, pending a "major investigation" and three of them have been fired by their employers.

If you have experienced racism at Exeter University please contact [email protected] and we will contact you.

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