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There have been reports of an elderly man sexually assaulting women in Exeter after asking for their help

He was lying on the floor, asking to be helped up

A Facebook status appeals for young women in Exeter to take care when walking near the prison as a man, claiming to be 95 years old and in need of help, has been sexually assaulting women.

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The message of caution has been met with outrage and concern

Lydia Catherine called for girls living in Exeter to be watchful on Prison Lane as "an elderly man claiming to be 95 and in need of a helping hand up the hill" is attempting to sexually assault women.

She wrote that he "was kind and friendly, told me about his wife and daughter until the street was empty when he pushed me up against the wall, tried to kiss me and groped me."

She then writes: "For those who still claim it's about what you wear or what you do: I should be able to walk home at 5pm, in broad daylight, on a public street, in work clothes, hat, coat, scarf, and be safe.

"Apparently, he could tell 'I wanted it' by the look on my face… time for a balaclava?"

Residents in the past have expressed their worries about living in the area and the comments on the status also suggest that this this man has demonstrated inappropriate behaviour before, having been previously spotted repeatedly walking up and down the hill and "cornering" young girls.

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The area in question

If you see anything suspicious, report it to the police immediately.