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BREAKING NEWS: DJ Willby has resigned from DSP

Is this finally the end of DSP?

In a post on Facebook and Twitter earlier this evening, Will Bailey, more commonly known as DJ Willby announced the sad news that he was resigning from his position of resident DSP DJ.

This must come as a fresh blow to Original Sin and DSP who have recently been hit with rumours that the Monday night tradition was facing cancellation after dwindling numbers due to competition from its rival Fever. Perhaps this might be the last nail in the coffin for the famous Monday night event?

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Throwback to a happier time

It cannot be denied that DJ Willby was partially responsible for drawing in the crowds to Unit 1 on a Monday night. It was the allure of a perfect mixture of cheesy songs and chart hits, along with the promise of a tweet being featured on the big screen above the dance floor that drew in the revellers.

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In the meantime, I have to stress that DSP is NOT cancelled and will continue to go ahead as planned (for you DSP reps x).