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BREAKING:The Beast has hit Exeter campus with two whole millimetres of snow

Heavy snow stops play at Streatham

An absolute DELUGE of snow has hit Exeter- and hit it hard. Chaos breaks out over campus amid acute fears of safety.

A COLOSSAL TWO (milli)METERS has fallen overnight provoking frantic Snapchatting and confining the most intrepid students to well-salted pathways.

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On the first taught day of Uni since the strikes began, lecturers were actually risking a full turn out to their classes. Luckily management we in place to assure that we could stay in bed for an eighth day in a row. Thanks so much xxxx

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Absolutely the right decision. Good call, good call.

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Where's my toboggan?

Reports have even been made of LONG SOCKS accompanying trainers in the desperate attempt to keep warm.

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Take that, beast.

Wildlife concerns have equally reached their peak in recent hours.

All we can say is, stay safe out there, kids