How to fake it in Exetah

Fake it till you make it

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Everyone knows that there are certain qualities that the stereotypical Exeter uni student possesses, but if you fall short of the mark here is guide to follow which will help you to safely conform to the status quo.

Deny your heritage – you're from Surrey

Potentially join clay-pigeon shooting society for extra credibility.

Forget the friends and family of your past life, you're in the south now – better invest in a Barbour jacket.

Buy a puffer jacket

Preferably from Urban Outfitters with an audacious contrasting lining for extra edge.

A coat for all occasions and all seasons, and a more important requirement for attending Exeter than A-levels at this point.

Pretend to genuinely enjoy nights out

Do it for the gram.

Nights out are anything but inconsistent, you'll leave the club at 2am feeling that familiar mix of disappointment, shame and regret which is unique to Exeter.

Become a curly fry connoisseur

The best drunk food.

The curly fry is a central part of any self-respecting Exeter student's diet. Basically one of your 5-a-day.

Buy a Fjallraven Kanken bag

An absolute essential.

Cave into the peer pressure, these bags are everywhere and will only cost you your whole lifesavings and the respect and love of your parents.

Become an avid VK consumer

A slight upgrade from Smirnoff Ice, the humble VK continues its inexplicable rise.

Nothing cools you down during a lit night out in Exeter better than a refreshing VK.

Have to take out a second student loan/appeal to daddy to fund buying food on campus

"Treat yourself."

Because buying a £4 baguette on artisan bread and a soya chai latte everyday to cheer yourself up is both acceptable and necessary.

Flaunt your sports society stash/gym wear on campus

"Bleed green."

Make them green with envy. The only way to prove you do sports is to wear all the stash everyday…obviously.

Become obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy is everything. Honestly who wouldn't want this jumper to flash around campus?

Have hungover brunch at Bills

Nothing tastes better when you are feeling fragile from the night before.

The only way to end a week in Exeter is brunch at Bills…the ultimate hangover cure (probably from all the Vk's).