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One week in: the Queens Cafe Verdict

Love or hate the new design?

Indisputably serving the best coffee on campus*, the cafe in Queen's Building was screaming for a re-vamp (and so were its regulars).

Worn out sofas, cracked floor tiles, its safe to say "Queen's Caf" wasn't looking like this anymore.

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Queens Cafe in its prime

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Panels rigorously designed for hiding from your artsy ONS – iconic

That is, until one week ago.

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Yep, we were expecting a bit more, too.

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"They still haven't sorted that dodgy floor tile, though." – Paddy – 4th Year

According to students, the cafe is simultaneously more and less crowded. The new, blue "Love Sofas" have also divided opinion – being way too cosy for that awkward chat with your tutor.

So, do we find ourselves eating our words alongside that oh-so-pricy mocca?

(*unofficial, but it really is that good_