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The Return of Moz

Legends never die

It's back and with a bang.

So dissatisfied with the Thursday nights in Fever, 3rd year students Harry Worsdall, Tim Le Couilliard, Luc-Pierre Rious, Tom Hearn and Amy Vince have taken it upon themselves to lead the masses back to the homeland.

Bored of the feverous sweat pit comprising of one light up disco room and one house room (as well as a smoking area worse than standing roadside by Unit 1) the loyal DB fans have finally said enough is enough and abandoned ship. Originally only planning a night for themselves and their friends, the revival of Moz event on Facebook quickly received over 540 attendees, all looking for an excuse not to have to go to fever as fresh pour VKs over everyone on the dance floor.

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Harry, one of those at the helm of the Moz revival said that the original idea for it "came about after yet another consecutive shit night in Fever. I've not enjoyed a single night there this year, and we decided it was time to go back to Moz."

For those lucky enough to have spent their younger years in Moz, you'll know that the beauty of it has always been in its familiarity, you could arrive alone, and you'd still know at least half the people in there. With an exclusive second year and up policy, this has once again become an actuality. What's more, £1 entry and £2.50 doubles have only served to ensure that once inside there really was no reason to leave – not that anyone wanted to anyway.

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With such demand for another night, there are plans for the return of Moz to become a monthly event. After its success, there are already calls from both the students and Moz to get people through the doors every Thursday. Everybody gets one chance to do something great, but most people never take that chance. Speaking of their new-found heroism, the moz revival team say, "we're just a few blokes that wanted to have a good time with our mates; It was pretty sick that so many others wanted to as well."

Thank you for your service, see ya in moz x