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Is DSP cancelled? What we know so far

Is Fever responsible for the end of the famous Monday club night?


First MNR and now DSP? Rumours have been swirling that due to the popularity of Monday Night Fever, DSP has been cancelled.

Perhaps it's the cheap drinks, or maybe the light up dance floor that's luring people into Fever every Monday night; but whatever it is, people aren't going to DSP.

DSP, arguably Unit 1's most popular night, has not been as full as normal in recent weeks. With people saying that while the dance floor is relatively full, the bar areas are totally deserted, meaning that almost half the club is empty. There have even been reports that DSP reps have been turned away and made go into town in order to try and drum up business.

However, according to Original Sin, the company that runs DSP, it is here to stay:

So you heard it here first, DSP has not been cancelled and the infamous stylings of DJ Willby are available for all to enjoy on a Monday night. Unless you want to go to Fever that is…