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Valentine’s Day gift guide: Exeter edition

Nothing says I love you like a crate of VKs

With the fateful day rapidly approaching we give you the run down of what every Exeter basic is wishing for this v-day.

A love-ocado

Who knows how many avos you'll have to buy before you find one with an elusive heart centre. Show them you're ready to commit through the power of this romance appropriate superfood.

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A TP Gold Card

It was love at first sight at that sports social many moons ago. It's only natural that Top Top has meant something special to you both ever since. Return to the site of your enthralment every Wednesday until the end of time with this sought after golden ticket.

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A heart shaped signet ring

OBVIOUSLY. Why not go full cringe and get a matching pair featuring each others initials.

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A red VK

For the more tentative variety of chirpse. Simply send them a crate and let the additive riddled elixir of romance bring you together.

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A Pret Card loaded with a trillion pounds

Because no one wants a hangry bae.

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