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I asked guys on Tinder to send me applications to be my Valentine

Time to be Tinderella

This is me, your average basic bitch. My talents include procrastination, wearing cat ears unironically, surviving solely off junk food, being extra, being able to rap Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and the inability to find love.

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I also love fake candids.

Usually the lack of someone special does not bother me but Valentine's Day is coming soon and this is one day I want to feel loved instead of being locked up in my room to avoid being surrounded by PDA. I want to spend this V-Day being one of those soppy couples on Insta instead of watching How to Be Single with Dominos in bed. My friend and I even tried to chirpse the Dominos delivery driver when we were freshers but we failed.

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Can't risk Dominos banning me if I revealed his face.

Since I have given up on any hopes of a cute love story where I bump into someone and they fall madly in love with me, I have had to take matters into my own hands and resort to the magical world of Tinder. Since guys like a girl who knows what she wants, I told my potential matches exactly what I wanted and began swiping.

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Now, some people questioned my plan.

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That is a passive aggressive haha.

Some attempts were questionable.

Others were simply brilliant.

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I even connected with a friend from halls. (Thank you, Tinder!)

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But I now have a pool of applicants to select from.

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I always appreciate a good bromance. Two people = double the attention.

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He had me at "I have a cat".

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I do love me some curry.

If I don't still manage to have a Valentine this year, I will accept my fate as a crazy cat lady and get myself a cat. Let's all hope I don't have to resort to it. If you feel you are a more suitable applicant than the ones above, I look forward to hear from you.

If anything I don't care as much about embarassing myself online anymore.