Nominations are now open for Exeter’s biggest BNOC 2018

Roll up, roll up! It’s time to nominate the biggest names on campus

Gird your loins and get ready to fluff up those egos, we need you to nominate Exeter's biggest BNOC.

Is your friend regularly spotted on a night out? Are they constantly seen in the forum with their Pret coffee? Or perhaps they featured in Exeter's most eligible bachelor/bachelorette? Either way we need you to nominate them for Exeter's biggest BNOC.

Nominate your best mates, those friends who you don't know how or why you know them, that random person that you always see on a night out or the person you're secretly in love with. All nominations are anonymous so you could even nominate yourself if you really wanted to.

Just simply fill out the Google form below and we will compile a list of the most nominated BNOCs so you can then vote for the BNOC to end all BNOCs.