This is the official Exeter basic bitch starter pack

Do you have what it takes?

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There are many components comprising the Exeter Basic Bitch. The Basic phenomenon has hit the hard streets of Exeter faster than you can say "I'm from Surrey" and its lure is inescapable.

Here is a comprehensive list of all that it takes to be an Exeter Basic Bitch. How many can you tick off?

1. You were born in the South

Everyone at Exeter seems to be from the home counties or better yet, London.

The chances of coming across someone from the North are like the chances of having a genuinely enjoyable night at Lemmy…minimal.

2. You wear a puffer jacket

"I better not get chunder on my puffer jacket" – the wine got too much for an Exeter student on the way to Move.

There is literally no need to explain this one.

3. Wearing eye catching gym wear

The more colourful the better, leggings have become statement wear.

Everyone has been guilty of wearing gym wear around campus regardless of whether you make it to the gym or not.

4. You play Lacrosse, Hockey or Netball

You definitely like to flash your stylish stash all over campus.

You probably introduce yourself as "Grace who plays lacrosse" but at least you actually have a valid claim to go to TP on a Wednesday, which is the only reason people do team sports right?

5. You have either a Fjallraven Kanken backpack or Longchamp bag

These bags are not overpriced as they carry the books which are needed to gain a good degree, which is of course priceless.

You have a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, preferably in a pastel colour, or a Longchamp bag which you flaunt around campus like the bad man you are.

6. You buy lunch at Pret everyday

Some people say that Pret is overrated but they are wrong.

Exeter is the only university to have a Pret A Manger on campus and is also coincidentally the Russell Group university with the highest student satisfaction rate…

7. You own Apple everything

Accurate representation of a lecture at Exeter.

Only the absolute best will suffice for daddy's little girl.

8. Wearing culottes

Show off those ankles ladies!

Culottes are spreading like wild fire. If you are short you will feel personally victimised by this new trend.

9. Vintage Oversized Fleeces

Preferably branded like North Face or better yet, Tommy Hilfiger or Polo Ralph Lauren.

Oversized fleeces, so hot right now.

10. If you do drive you definitely own a white Fiat 500

Peak basic girl, everyone is friends with someone who has a Fiat 500.

These cars might be everywhere but they are slightly more interesting than a Mini.

11. You're probably a Girls Day School Trust alumna

Once you join the GDST you cannot simply leave the GDST.

The first rule of the Girls' Day School Trust is that you do not talk about the Girls' Day School Trust.

12. You're an adept skier

Trading the Exeter hills for higher (snowier) heights.

Constant holidaying in the Alps pays off – paid for by daddy of course.

13. You lose all your mates and remaining dignity in TP at least once a week

If only it wasn't true.

Still the best night out in Exeter.

14. Falling victim to a sports society"lad"


The less said the better.