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Secrets from Fernando’s: how to secure a date on Take Me Out by someone who’s done it

It was love at first light


The Tab chatted exclusively to Exeter’s very own Nick Pritchard after his time on the hit ITV show.

Since returning from the Isle of Fernando’s I have had all kinds of questions: What is Fernando’s like? Are you still speaking to your date? It’s just one big orgy right?

I’m here to put a few rumours to rest and reveal what it’s really like to get your love at first light on ITV’s Take Me Out.

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How did you apply?

One evening after lectures I received a message on social media from a very nice lady casting for Take me Out who thought I would be a great candidate for the show.

The audition involved several bits of paperwork before performing a mock Take Me Out in front of a very enthusiastic panel.

A few days later in the library I get a phone call from a private number telling me to book off a week in my diary.

What about your video?

Next thing I knew, a camera team were down in Exeter to film my ‘VT’ that would be played in front of the flirt thirty during rounds two and three of the show. They filmed my rugby team and filmed me naked in my house.

Did you actually get naked?

Yes! Every other scene we had to re take after a cheeky nut slipped into shot. The camera crew were a great bunch of guys, they even took me for lunch and bought me some new clothes.

Posted by Nick Pritchard on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tell us about the rehersal

Upon arriving at the Hotel #1 in Maidstone I was greeted by a very attractive young lady who began to tell me the ins and outs. Then I got to meet the guys that would be on the same episode as me. Me and Jordan clicked instantly. We had a lot in common and instantly went on the hunt for the hotel gym. We all met up for dinner later that evening which was the first opportunity to chat to the guys.

What were the guys like?

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Friends for life

Phil was the same age as my Dad but twice as fun. Roscoe was the stuff of Scottish legend and Jordan was a lovely London lad.

Next morning was the day of the show and we had to be up early for rehearsals. We had our own special room which is where we spent most of the day in between rehearsals and we were kept separate from the girls the whole time.

What was Paddy McGuinness like?

During one rehearsal I met Paddy – there were tears of happiness in my eyes when he addressed me by my actual name and shook my actual hand. Starstruck, I blurted out the first thing that came to my head: “I love you”. He looked back at me pretty confused.

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Paddy Mcguiness is touching me!!!

What was your pre-match Routine?

I’ve done gigs and musical theatre productions but never an unscripted scenario about to be broadcast to 3.5 million people. I was especially conscious that I would be one of the younger contestants at the age of 21. It was a strange concoction of nerves and excitement induced by the super friendly crew team who do an amazing job of getting you in the right mind-set.

What was that dance move?

During the love lift rehearsal the directors correctly observed that I couldn’t dance and told me to just try and strut my stuff without moving my awkwardly size frame about too much. I had other ideas for the main event… pulling this beauty of a dance move:

Tell us about the show

Suddenly it’s all happening. I’m in the lift. My heart is racing and then the familiar sound of Carley Rae Jepson starts playing and all is good. The live audience appear in front of me and before I know it I’m fulfilling my number one bucket list goal of dancing to Call Me Maybe in front of 30 single ladies.

Do you get to see a picture of the girls beforehand?


After introducing two lights are turned out. Feeling very pleased with the outcome thus far, Paddy asks for my Love at first light (LAFL). Having never seen any of the girls before I genuinely have about 20 seconds to choose.

At this point two things are going through my head: who is the best looking? And who looks like they would be good fun?

My eyes fall upon two girls: blonde, pretty and smiling seductively in my direction. Roxy gives me a little wave and my mind is made up.

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Roxy and Olivia stood out for me

Is it scripted?

No! Surprisingly none of the studio performance is scripted. The girls come out with those one liners. They know nothing about who is coming down the lift and I knew nothing about any of flirty thirty. However during rehearsals we took opportunities to practice “likely scenarios” such as “Nick what would you say if one of the girls doesn’t like your shoes”.

During the studio performance you actually get to speak to the majority of the girls, however the video editing wizards only put in your best bits. Take Me Out is a very positive show and generally speaking they will try and make you look as good as possible, I was very pleased with the parts they chose to put in the show.

You got your love at first light, too?

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I couldn’t believe I actually got my LAFL!

What happens after the studio performance?

Walking off stage was the most exhilarating feeling. A mixture of relief and excitement. The hard part is over and I’m going to Fernando’s? what is happening right now! As soon as we walk off stage Roxy and I have a quick photo and then are separated. I’m led to a room where I find Jordan and Phil who are both coming to Fernando’s with me. Shortly after I am whisked off for a post interview where I awkwardly realise I’ve forgotten her name.

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I accidentally called Roxy “Nancy” in the post interview

Tell us about Fernando’s

Hotel #3 Again we are separated from the girls which means more bonding time for the boys!

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We tried to get a pump for our upcoming date

And the date?

I haven’t seen Roxy since being separated from her after the show as we stay in separate hotels. I get driven round half of Tenerife, I have no clue where I’m going or what I’m going to be doing. I end up half way up a mountain and its bloody freezing.

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I’m only 5, 11″ I swear

The cameras are set up and we’re ready to go. Roxy, who has been hidden round the corner, enters the shot. We keep getting told off for flirting off camera – they want to capture it on camera but the sound of the quad-bike drowns out the microphones.

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And then we’re separated again. After another long drive we arrive at a luxury villa with a nice pool, unfortunately the sun is at the wrong angle for the cameras and so the pool scene is scrapped – instead we will be having champagne by the pool. Gutted as I hadn’t eaten carbs for five weeks leading up to this moment!

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champagne by the swimming pool

During the date there are a lot of ‘waiting’ shots.

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Waiting for my date

What happened after the date?

Later that evening after all post interviews are done and dusted We are told that we will be in the same hotel tonight. We are told that there will be people watching all night to make sure we don’t sneak into each other’s rooms.

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We weren’t allowed in each other’s hotel rooms

That night we all do a pub quiz and go to the strip ending up in a cute little Irish bar by our hotel.

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Team Fernando’s

What next?

Hotel #5 is booked in my name in the heart of London, I invite Roxy to spend a romantic night away in London and the rest is history.

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What about the aftermath?

Since the show I have had some hilarious twitter comments, 800 new instagram followers, many, many messages, and a lot of gay attention!

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800 new followers, 100+ messages

All in all it was a very positive experience and I will be doing more TV in the future, maybe you will see me on a show this summer…