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Exeter has been ranked second most active uni on Bumble

You randy lot

Bumble has released data on the top 10 most active universities, and Exeter just missed out on the top spot.

Bristol came first, breaking the long spell of not being on top of any of the lists (sorry not sorry). Exeter was second on the list, just before UCL, Oxford, King's College and Cambridge, where no one has time to breathe without thinking of the amount of work they have to do, let alone dating and hooking up.

Then there was Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham. Too edgy to find love?

So why is it that we, Exetah people, are second most active users of Bumble?

Maybe we have exhausted our options in Top top on Wednesday night or we are done with seeing our one night stand from the past everyday in the library. Perhaps we spend too much time at the gym or playing netball to have time for dating. Data revealed the truth: we are single (desperate) and ready to mingle (or at least to swipe right).

Bumble is a real game-changer in the dating apps world. Girls have to make first move and you actually have to answer or your new love will disappear after 24 hours. It became a huge thing since its launch in 2010 and is clearly Exeter's favourite.

See the full ranking here:

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