An Exeter Uni rugby player was on Take Me Out this weekend

Single man, reveal yourself…

An Exeter student managed to bag himself a date on the new series of Take Me Out last night.

Talking exclusively to The Tab, Nick Pritchard, who is well known around Exeter for running Sugar Fridays at The Terrace, said Take Me Out "was the best experience" he's had.

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Joining Paddy McGuinness, the EURFC player donned some classique Exetah style chinos to dazzle the chicas. One single lady confessed she was "no likey, no lighty", because his trousers looked like they'd had an argument with his ankles.

Dancing his way out of the love lift, the single man revealed himself to the tune of "Call Me Maybe".

After introducing himself, only two girls turned their lights off.

Confessing that he likes to relax to Les Mis with a face mask after heavy session in the gym, the Guildford guy sustained a healthy number of lights. He even managed to keep the lights on after his friend revealed he likes to walk around the house naked.

When Nick finally narrowed it down to two girls, he asked them which musical they'd be. Roxy, a small blonde in red, clearly caught his eye and the pair were matched.

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Nick had actually picked Roxy as his love at first light at the beginning of the show. He told us he'd definitely do the show again and that he's "so pleased" he got his love at first light.

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The pair's date will be aired on the show next week. Tune in to see if things heated up for the two in Fernando's.

You never know, maybe he'll take her to The Lemmy on their second date.