These are the best dresses of all Winter Balls in EX4

Dress to impress or don’t bother coming

First term is over, deadlines are done, exams are over and long nights in the library infused with caffeine shots from Pret are a thing of the past.

We decided that it was a good time to reminisce about all of the Christmas Dinners, Winter Balls or whichever fancy name your society chose to be more original.

Ahhh, what a night it was! From the awful trek in heels (if you are amongst those too deep in the overdraft to afford the cab) to the Mercure hotel, finishing with spilling that half bottle of wine all over your fancy dress. Some of the ladies however, mastered their looks to perfection, here are some of them:

Debating Society Dinner

Just a stunning bunch from Debating Society. Never did a low cleavage look so classy.

Who said a jumpsuit wasn’t classy enough? Look at this spice. That lipstick, hair and heels. Slay girl,  SLAY.

BLS Ball

Yet more BLS ball babes looking amazing. Bright silver is the new gold this season.

Caledonian Society

Caledonian Society girls looking splendid.

Here is the proof one can look absolutely beautiful wearing a minimalist dress. 10/10.

Scandinavian Society

Scandinavian society members channeling that signature laid-back but still sophisticated look.

Keep that festive spirits up loves, wherever you are for Christmas xoxo