Vote for Exeter’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat one

Fitties here, fitties there, fitties everywhere

We’ve crowned our bachelor and what is a king without his queen? Here come the girls. Vote for your favourite bachelorette below.

Lucy Hytner

Image may contain: Smile, Portrait, Face, Person, People, Human

Subject and Year of Study: Politics, third year

Interesting fact: “Small, loud and pretty fucking annoying”

Quote about the Nominee: “She’s the fucking Red Bull girl”

Isobel Warner

Image may contain: Woman, Girl, Female, Blonde, Person, People, Human

Subject and Year of Study: English Literature, first Year

Interesting Fact: “I’ve never met a guy that can eat more food than me”

Quote about the Nominee: “Isobel can be described in three words: class, sass and ass”

Coco Thompson

Image may contain: Person, People, Human

Subject and Year of Study: French and Russian, second Year

Interesting Fact: “I play grade eight recorder so I know how to blow”

Quote about the Nominee: “I just want a boyfriend – in the toilets every Monday Night Rosies”

Isabelle Dugdale

Image may contain: Suit, Overcoat, Coat, Clothing, Furniture, Chair, Bench, Ivy, Vase, Pottery, Potted Plant, Plant, Jar, Flora, Person, People, Human

Subject and Year of Study: Politics and International Relations, second Year

Interesting Fact: “Still trying to narrow it down”

Quote about the Nominee: “Her chat is only good becasue its in another language”

You’ve met the girls, now it’s time to cast your vote. Who will go to the final? You decide…

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