Which Gossip Girl character is your Exeter halls?

Spotted: No one at Duryard. Are you even surprised? XOXO. Gossip Girl.

Holland Hall: Blair Waldorf

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If Holland Hall is Queen B, all the other halls are her minions. Holland Hall may not have as many eyes on it constantly as Serena, but everyone knows it is probably the only accommodation on campus fit for royalty.

Whether you're Daddy's Princess (or Prince), or a powerful person on your own, you expect nothing but the best and what better place than Holland Hall to satisfy all your fancy needs? You are living the life in Manhattan compared to the rest of campus, which might as well be Brooklyn, ew.

Lafrowda: Serena Van der Woodsen

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Lafrowda, aka the party halls. Regardless of whether you're a wild one or trying to change like Serena after boarding school, Lafrowda is still the ideal accommodation on campus.

Always on everyone's lips, Lafrowda is the centre of attention and the place to be, with it being closest to both campus and town. Ask anyone what their first choice for halls was and the answer will be Lafrowda. Everyone wants to be a part of Lafrowda.

Rowe House: Nate Archibald

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It's similar to Lafrowda but doesn't get enough appreciation. Rowe House is occasionally known to be a decent party location but it's Lafrowda that steals all the attention for being more scandalous. It's difficult to find any faults with Rowe House, just as it is with Nate: the same unbeatable location as Lafrowda and it comes with double beds! It really needs a bit more appreciation.

Birks Grange: Jenny Humphrey

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Birks is usually looked down upon or even hated on because of the tedious journey up Cardiac Hill, but Birks Grange Village, although far away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan (campus), is doing pretty great for itself. Hated at the beginning of term, it soon becomes well known that Birks has a lot to offer and has a lot going on for its residents, even though no one really cares about it.

Mardon Hall: Chuck Bass

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Situated close to Holland Hall, Mardon Hall is almost as fancy as Holland Hall. Mardon Hall is not usually the talk of the town, but it does not need to be. It may be isolated from other halls, but it doesnt need them. Just like Chuck Bass, Mardon Hall knows how to have a one man party – with its own traditions and socials.

Duryard: Vanessa Abrams

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Genuinely though, Vanessa who? An outsider and always will be. No one can ever be bothered to trek all the way to Duryard, with most people being unaware of its location or even its existence.

Duryard's social life with the rest of the halls on campus is practically non-existent. It might as well be in Barcelona, or wherever the hell Vanessa moved to, who even cares. Irrelevant.

Printworks: Dan Humphrey

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Printworks may not be situated in Manhattan, but it doesn't need to be. Printworks still has pretty good relations with the other halls given its favourable distance from town.

Most on-campus residents willingly visit Printworks for pres, while others treat it as an outsider and complain about what a trek it must be to get to campus everyday from there. Printworks, while slightly distant from Manhattan, has everything it needs in close proximity without being located in Social Siberia.

Regardless of whether you're living in Manhattan or in Brooklyn, I'll always have my eye on you. You know you love me.


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