The most Instagram-worthy places in Exeter

Holland Hall view made the cut

We all know how stellar Exeter is. From amazing architecture to the highest tree-to-students ratio of any  university. Here are the top 5 sights of Exeter to step up your Instagram game. From cafes to the Holland Hall view, they will please every aesthetic soul.

The Glorious Art House

Home of what is probably the most extra hot chocolate you will ever have in your life. The interior is dreamy and they have the cutest garden. Prepare for the sugar rush of your life, but the experience itself , vibe and Instagram pic is 100 per cent worth it.

The Quay

One of the most picturesque sites in Exeter, The Quay provides an eclectic mix of old and new with the restaurants and antique stores surrounding the River Exe. Its great for an evening stroll after a rough Wednesday TP and if you’re lucky enough you might get to observe fit rowers practising for the regatta.


A shop&coffee bar made solely to post on Instagram.  The type of place you would save on Pinterest and post on Tumblr. SO BLOODY AESTHETIC.

The plant cafe with the view of the Cathedral

Not only do they have the best vegan cake (even the extreme carnivores rate 10/10) in the entirety of Exeter, but also a prime view of the cathedral.

View from Holland Hall and Reed Hall

Last but by no means least, our very own uni campus. As if the Holland Halls were not lush enough, they also have an amazing view from the balcony. Reed Hall is truly majestic and is one of a few pros of walking up Cardiac Hill. Going in there is a true privilege, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket for one of the spring balls (shout-out to Debating society.)