What your Pret order says about you

You’re middle class, obviously

It's known to be the go-to lunch for the onslaught of Southerners at university, a watering hole for the middle class, a safe space where nobody will judge you for calling your parents "Mummy" and "Daddy". If you're willing to brave the chaos that is the lunch time free-for-all, or patiently wait in the never-ending queues for your necessary coffee, you most certainly have a go-to Pret order. But what exactly does your much-loved order say about you?

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Mmmm privilege

Flat White

You live and breathe the basic white girl stereotype, however much you try to deny it: you used to love Jack Wills and Starbucks frappes, but you’ve matured and upgraded to your North Face jacket, a matching headband and Pret Flat Whites. You may have bought a whole new wardrobe for university but your friendship group consists of girls you already knew from your hometown, as nobody else is "your kind of person". Extra points if you get it with soya.

Hot Chocolate

You’re a newcomer to Pret. You’ve probably come from a small village where the nearest Pret is a 40 minute drive into the closest "town". You’re too embarrassed to admit you don’t know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, so you crumble under pressure and settle for a hot chocolate and the blueberry muffin. Maybe next time.

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Tuna Nicoise Salad

It may be pole and line caught tuna, but you can’t escape it. You’re every person in the library’s worst enemy when you open up that tuna and egg salad on a busy study table on a Monday lunchtime. Next time you decide to eat your lunch in the library in between your lectures, please be safe and stick with something that doesn’t smell.

Scottish Smoked Salmon Sandwich

You’ve migrated from the South West to university up north. You hide your nutribullet in your bedroom. You’ve compromised and do your weekly shop at Tesco (you’ve discovered you really can taste the difference between Waitrose Essentials and Tesco own brand), and you’ve stopped buying your favourite Scottish Oak Smoked Salmon for your bagels. But despite appearances you can’t resist sneaking to Pret when nobody’s around and devouring the smoked salmon sandwich, asking yourself each time where the cream cheese is (answer: it’s back home in Surrey.)

Avocado and Chipotle Chickpeas Salad Wrap

Vegan. And all your flat mates know about it. You love Pret’s Animal Welfare and Sustainability Prospects (you can’t wait for them to trial out their reusable bottles and filtered water stations in your local Pret), and the excitement of Veggie Pret gives you sleepless nights. But we all know that you guiltily devour a big mac after a night out when you think everyone around you is too drunk to notice.

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Macaroni Cheese

You’re hungover but you’ve managed to stumble to your mid-morning lecture. You dash to the closest Pret and try and grab the most calorific, stodgy thing on the menu to ease the pain of your throbbing head and churning stomach. In a brief moment of hangover delirium you nearly succumbed to a Gregg’s steak bake, before remembering how you were raised. Mac and Cheese is just what you crave, until that crushing disappointment when you realise it’s mainly kale and cauliflower. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Chicken Caesar and Bacon on Artisan

You're a Pret connoisseur, and you know it. You’ve unashamedly tried nearly everything on the menu (“I have a Pret near me at home”, you smugly tell your new uni friends), and you’ve got it sussed. You’ve been given a free coffee at Pret a handful of times, but you won’t reveal to anyone your secret. You regularly switch it up, unwilling to be defined by one particular Pret order, but you know this will fill you up enough to stop that embarrassing stomach rumbling in your 4pm tutorial, whilst remaining perfectly middle-class (the Artisan Bread). Likely to be paired with a packet of sea salt and organic cider vinegar crisps, as Walkers just don't satisfy your refined palette.