Timepiece has been voted the third best smoking area in the country

The people have spoken

We all knew it but now it's official. Beating 25 other club smoking areas across the UK, Exeter's very own Timepiece was voted the third best in the country.

With thousands of people voting, TP trounced the likes of Bridge in Oxford and Glam in Cardiff to bag a podium spot in The Tab's recent national survey.

Coming third to Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms and Leeds' Beaver Works, the result is hardly shocking to those of us who know the joys of a good night out in TP.

Was its brilliance ever in doubt? A Wednesday night trip to the club would suggest otherwise. Recent queues have been lengthy, to say the least, with this year's crop of freshers relishing the delights that TP has to offer.

Transforming into a Sloane rangers dwelling spot for those inclined to enjoy a sport social, Timepiece’s smoking area of a Wednesday is a hazy world of Surrey centric gossip, VKs and stash-clad sass.

Providing ample space, it is the perfect place to regroup on a night out, grab a drink and discuss the latest love triangle between Hugo, Horace and Octavia. Alternatively, enjoy a drunken rendition of the national anthem, have a burger and try not to lose your signet ring when you get too rowdy.

This result hardly comes as news to Exeter students. It was always a given. Quite frankly, we could not be more proud of our darling VK-filled haunt.