An Exeter Psychology student is favourite to win this year’s Big Brother

He’s admitted that he’s bitchy AF and cheats on everyone

An Exeter student is currently fave to win this year's Big Brother with odds of 7/2.

Originally from America, 22-year-old Psychology student Raphael Karine is top of the polls to take the crown this series.

On entering the house, Raph said he wants to cause drama and “pull the strings”, watching conflict play out rather than being directly involved.

He’s a self-confessed BB fan, which may account for his somewhat trash personality as he boasts that he’s cheated on every partner he’s ever had, and doesn’t feel guilty for anything. Lovely.

Raphael straight up admits that he’s bitchy AF and talks about people behind their back, so no doubt he’ll be the super-villain of the house in no time.

But for now, the Devon lad is busy complaining the conversation has become “boring”, but what did he expect from the people that signed up to be on a show where everyone just sits around for a couple of weeks?