We asked Exeter, is International Women’s day still relevant in 2017?

‘It should be high on our agenda, regardless of our gender’

As the world celebrates International Women’s day and Emma Watson continues to place feminism and equality at the forefront of public debate, the Tab asked you if you thought a day dedicated to women is still relevant in 2017.

Gabby, third year, English and politics


“I think it’s entirely necessary especially with the gender pay gap. I believe in equality that there should be an international women’s day. I understand that some may feel it is sexist however, if men wanted an international men’s day to raise awareness for the inequality they suffer then I would get behind that too.”

Jack Harrison, third year Economics


“I think it’s almost farcical, women have complete equality with men, and frankly men are at a bigger disadvantage. We die younger, we are at greater risk of suicide, and in general receive fewer years of education and fewer financial, all of this in a society geared to think we are innately privileged.

Katie, third year English

“I think the modern day definition of feminism has changed so whilst I believe in equality I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a feminist. I agree with international women’s day as women in other countries aren’t as fortunate as we are here so it’s still very much needed.”

Alex, third year French and History


“I’d call myself an egalitarian before a feminist and so, I believe in international women’s day, most definitely. Necessity might be too strong a word but I do think it’s a good thing, especially for other countries. I think we should use today to raise money for those women in other countries.”

Emily, third year English


“Part of me does feel that in having an international women’s day it draws attention to women as being an ‘other’ and so, perhaps an international equality day focusing on equality for all genders would be more relevant in 2016.”

Lucy, third year modern Languages


“Every day is international women’s day! It should be equality 365 and a quarter days a year!”

Hope Claydon, third year English


“It’s still relevant because there are still millions of issues facing women across the world that need to addressed and recognised.”

Maybelle, International Relations


“International women’s day is great as it raises awareness but it’s not enough. It seems that having just one day limits the discussion. The issues facing women are everywhere but I do think issues for men and transgender are marginalised too.”

Kritchasorn,  Economics

“To me I don’t really care much for international women’s day because there’s something that is far more Important that that in our society. It’s as if we have a day for children, the elderly or any other underrepresented group in society. It’s the kind of day that represents the inequality our society faces.”

Maddie, third year French and Russian


“I think it’s still very relevant as there are so many people around the world still waiting to achieve equality. We’re not equal until everyone is equal.”

Charlie,  Economics and Politics

I think it’s massively important in a world where women are subjugated to oppressive regimes and gender pay gaps. It should be high on our agenda regardless of our gender.