Newly elected Guild VP accused of anti-semitism after her twitter account was hacked

Malaka says she has been a victim of ‘character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian woman’

The newly elected Students’ Guild Vice-President for Postgraduate Research, Malaka Mohammed, has been accused of anti-Semitism, after tweets appeared supposedly saying that she is “proud to be called a terrorist” for the cause of Palestine.

This tweet has since been deleted, amongst others

Malaka Mohammed, a PhD candidate and University of Exeter employee is originally from Gaza and is known for her Palestinian activism.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has published three articles about Malaka Mohammed citing social media activity that is being called anti-Semitism.

In a pubic platform speech, during Exeter’s March against Fascism, she said: “66 members of my family have been killed by the Israeli Army”, and denounces any claims that she is anti-semitic as Islamophobia.

Exeter students invite terrorist-supporting antisemite to reas…

After a spate of antisemitic incidents at the University of Exeter, students decided to organise a protest march. They did what came naturally to them and asked Malaka Shwaikh, exposed by Campaign Against Antisemitism as a terrorist-supporting antisemite, to address the crowd and make Jewish students feel safe. Whilst professing an admirable desire for solidarity, Shwaikh took the opportunity not to renounce any of her views and to instead berate those “attacking” her as simply venting their “Islamophobic” prejudice.

Posted by Campaign Against Antisemitism on Monday, February 20, 2017

UPDATE: A statement has been released by the Guild, and Malaka has spoken out about the unsolicited bullying and threats made against her.

You can read a further update from Malaka about ‘Character Assassination as a Tool to Silence a Palestinian Woman‘.