Exeter’s ’emergency’ protest over Trump’s Muslim ban

All you need to know about the events of this evening.

Tonight Exeter joins many other cities across the Uk by holding a demonstration against President Trump’s 90 day “muslim ban.” The protest will be held in Bedford Square at 6pm. So far over 570 people have committed to attend the protest with a further 1.1 thousand listed as being interested.

Lizzie, one of the co-organisers of the protest, has stated that “this protest is about the community of exeter standing in solidarity with all those targeted by Trump’s hateful government, we think this travel ban is shameful…the ban is unconstitutional, violating the First Amendment which prohibits the government from discriminating against people because of their religion. Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump promised to ban all muslims from the country, and now we’re starting to see him fulfil some of his promises, which is deeply concerning…[the protest’s] aim is to show those that are targeted by Trump’s policies, that we stand with them in solidarity, and to show our government that we do not support what Trump is doing. We want Theresa May to wholeheartedly condemn this travel ban. It’s very worrying to see out Prime Minister on such close terms with the new president.”

An official statement written by organisers has been issued stating that three “Syrian, Palestinian, and British friends based in Exeter [have organised] this emergency protest in response to Donald Trump’s decision to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. We stand in solidarity with all those targeted by Trump’s hateful government, including the people of this country, outside Bedford Square and all over Britain…[whilst] other governments like Canada, France, and Germany have spoken out against #MuslimBan, our government has chosen to stay silent. Therese May has decided to ally herself with Donald Trump’s bigoted, misogynistic government, refusing to speak up against his racist decisions. This is a matter of national shame and betrayal that we cannot let it happen.”

Updates to come.