Stabbing update: incident labelled as “domestic”

“public not at risk”

(Monday, 16th) 00:15 : Reports are coming in that the victim of the stabbing has been taken to hospital and that officers are currently looking for the weapon of the crime.

It is believed that the Leighton Terrace area of the city has also been cordoned off by the police.

This information remains unconfirmed by the authorities but continues to be reported by local media on social media.

23:45 : An arrest has allegedly been made in the university area of the city.

Reports are coming in that the public, including University of Exeter students, are no longer at risk due to an arrest made this evening.

According to Marcus Laine (@Plym_FIM3) on Twitter, the stabbing is being treated as domestic and is no longer a cause for public concern.

Nothing has yet to be confirmed.

23:00 : Students are being warned to stay indoors tonight (15.01.17) as rumours are circulating of a stabbing in the city.

An unconfirmed report suggests that someone is running around the Wells Street/Springfield Road area of the city with a knife and an intent to harm.

Talks of said stabbing have been posted on social media.

People have also taken to Facebook claiming to have heard police helicopters hovering above the city.

Exeter’s Express & Echo have also reported the events but nothing has yet been confirmed by the authorities.

For now, students are advised to stay indoors and avoid the areas in question until further notice. The Tab will report any updates.