Third year Physics paper contained ‘illegible misprints and formatting errors’

It was reprinted and they were given a mere extra 15 minutes

Yesterday’s compulsory third year Physics paper at Exeter was riddled with “illegible misprints and formatting errors”.

The electromagnetism paper – sat by all of the students on the course – had to be reprinted, taking over an hour to arrive.

The delay forced students to complete other questions as they waited for the corrected version.

Exam takers complained that the vital equations were completely incomprehensible and in turn, that they could not answer the  subsequent questions on their paper. The equations, essential for answering the questions, were not formatted correctly.

The students were given an extra 15 minutes to complete the level 6 exam.

Speaking anonymously to The Tab, a Physics student said: “Me, personally, I don’t think it affected me at all but I can imagine it would probably really jeopardise some people’s exams.”

Whilst the unnecessary error caused exam distress for many, most are confident that Exeter’s Physics department will handle the situation fairly, following their complaints.

Shortly after the exams, students were emailed by the director of education, Charles Williams, and reassured that they would not suffer as a result of the mistakes that occurred.

Addressing the third years, the email stated that conventions were in place for handling such incidents and that the professor marking the paper would keep in mind the errors on the paper.