Classics students are the best dressed in Exeter

I think therefore I dress well

Ever wondered what the best dressed subject is? Darling, look no further. The answer was obvious all along, you just didn’t really want to admit it to yourself. Classics guys and dolls are, without a doubt, the creme de la creme of fashionable academics.


We try to look intelligent, even if the book is upside down

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The day we realised we could read

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Classic in classics

Many people see classicists as  strange eccentric characters with little or no grasp on fashion or style as they are too preoccupied with learning their set texts. Many classics enthusiasts often appear to have dressed themselves in the dark, or purposely try to show as many fashion faux pas in one outfit as possible to fit the stereotype that they love classics so much they don’t have time to shop.

However, here at Exeter I would say we are the exception. After all we are the ones following in J.K Rowling’s footsteps so who’s really winning? And yes we do take a third year module in witchcraft and wizardry.

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We may be partial to the odd toga or gladiator social, but day to day we tend to sport a more fashionable attire as we swap our swords and shields for more wearable accessories.

You can find such examples wandering around the library, taking over Plus 1 Group Study room to everyone else’s disgust. Now you’re envious we have your space and you want our clothes.

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Some of us are still slightly alternative…

Classics are an incredibly diverse subject, with some attempting to be edgy to blend into the Cavern scene, whereas others are happy tearing up the dance floor of Arena at a Monday night social.

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We also never resist an opportunity to get suited and booted with the classics ball being a highlight in the social calendar.

We’re a blend of fit, well educated and well dressed. When you vote for the fittest finalist, they’ll probably study Euripides.