I got creeped on by a Domino’s delivery driver after he gave me my food

He said: ‘You pretty lady. You know it’

A late night Domino’s is fairly standard procedure, whatever the circumstances. However, on the past few occasions, I’ve had a few extras thrown in on top of my meal deal.

The story begins a few weeks ago after a night of Netflix with a friend. As my window is fairly large, we decided to order a pizza and get them to come over and hand it in. But when my friend hung out the window half an hour later, the driver had more on his mind than passing over that carby goodness.

After telling us that his name, he asked if we had any weed to help us through his shift. We responded in the negative and he shuffled off into the night. Bit odd, but we decided to leave it.

Fast forward to a few nights ago and it’s a whole different story. I’d just come back after a social and was craving some wedges, so decided to employ the window method again. PJs, bed, Domino’s app, done.

Me in simpler times

Me in simpler times

Little did I know the night had only just begun.

Incoming call.

“Hello, it’s Domino’s.”

“Are you outside?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I peer out of the window and see nothing. Reluctantly, I head to the door and look again. Nothing. Is this fucker playing hide and seek?

Incoming call.

“Hello, it’s Domino’s. Can you see me?”

“No….can you see me?”

Cue hysterical laughter down the phone.

“I’m so confused.” And I am. I just want my wedges.

“Me too!”

The call cuts off. I get another incoming call.

“Are you at the bridge?”

“No…I’m at my house.” Where the hell else would I be?

“My sat nav misdirected me, I see you, I see you!”

I look down the street and there’s a guy wandering across the road, laughing. I get handed my food and head in.

Just as I’m finishing, my phone buzzes.

Now it’s my turn to laugh. What is this shit?

I decide to message him back. The following conversation ensues.

By now it’s 1am, the carb coma is setting in, and I decide to process it in the morning.

I tell a few people about my new friend, and get mixed responses. On one end of the spectrum we’ve got “Wow, that’s so sinister.” On the other, we have “It’s not like he was saying, ‘I’m going to come back and kill you’, he was just loving life.” However, the majority tell me they’d be disturbed by getting random messages off their delivery guy, especially if I’d been asked for weed a few weeks previously by someone else.

Personally I found the whole thing pretty hilarious, but it begins to occur to me that some people may not appreciate being asked for a joint or sent flirtatious messages from giggling strangers. So I decide to tweet Domino’s about it.

I send over an email outlining the situation. I told them it left me unsettled. I told them I was incredibly unhappy with the experiences and I wasn’t sure whether to order from them again for fear of more inappropriate texts and questions about drugs.

Domino’s send over a generic apology, saying the issue was being investigated and telling me I’ll hear from the local store soon. Their email said: “Sorry to hear that you’re not too happy with the service received at your local store. Domino’s runs as a franchised business and means that we work closely with each franchisee and their stories to ensure that service doesn’t slip below our expectations. We have made the store and their franchise manager aware of your upset.”

Maybe I’ll get a free pizza out of it. Hopefully without requests for weed or giggly text banter on the side.

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