Exeter uni has spent £6000 on biscuits in the last two years

It’s just the way the cookie crumbles

Ever wondered what your £9000 a year is spent on?

As you amble around the library looking for non existent study space,  you can’t help but wonder where your extortionate yearly fees are being used.

It has recently uncovered by Exepose that a staggering £6000  is estimated to have been spent on biscuits at the University of Exeter over a 21 month period.

The story has received national attention from the press with some finding it incredibly amusing and British and others describing it as an outrage.




With Steve Smith our Vice Chancellor earning an estimated £400,000 a year and the prospect of increasing fees on the horizon, this somewhat funny yet slightly ludicrous story really takes the biscuit for many concerned students.

The university failed to comment on exactly how many biscuits were purchased with the money. However, it was noted that staff and visitors are offered light refreshments and biscuits at conferences and meeting therefore the sum is justified.

We can all agree that biscuits are a vital part of life, after all, what else would one nibble on with their afternoon cup of tea?