Amnesty society lead candlelit vigil in support of Syrian refugees

They are showing their solidarity

On Friday, Exeter University Amnesty International Society held a candlelit vigil to demonstrate support for Syrian refugees.

This was in collaboration with the Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam and STAR Societies.

President of the Exeter’s amnesty international society, Ellen Boivin said “We wanted to create an event that humanized rather than politicised the plight of these individuals.”

Exeter students at the candlelit vigil outside the Forum

The vigil started at 7pm at the Forum, before moving to Bedford Square later that evening.

The procession moved toward town following speeches from the society and music from the World Choir.

Ellen Boivin, president of the University Amnesty International Society, said: “The aim of the vigil is to give students and the people of Exeter the opportunity to stand together in a peaceful reflection upon all those who have lost their lives, homes and families in the current European refugee crisis.

“We are not trying to impose an overt political message, rather we are asserting our solidarity with a group of people who have suffered immeasurable hardships both in their native war-torn countries and on their journey to safety within Europe’s borders.

“We wanted to create an event that humanized rather than politicised the plight of these individuals.”


Claudia Harrington, head of Publicity at  the Amnesty International Society, said: “We were overwhelmed by how much support we had, it was amazing seeing so many students alongside people in the local community come together.

Claudia Bergin, English Literature second year, said: “I went to the vigil because Britain are not taking in nearly enough refugees.

“It’s our moral duty to show compassion to all those suffering around the world.”

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